Would you be a member of the Eleka Guard or run aid missions?

As you read the story, there is one group of Eleverians that is focused on - the Eleka Guard.  The Guard is named after the capital city and fortress in Eleveria.  These brave warriors almost exclusively run missions of direct combat against the Shatanala.  We see this contrasted with other Eleverians who run aid missions to bring help to the people of Seaga. 

Now, this isn't to say that either group will never do what the other does.  This is seen best when we hear Hanai talk about his latest mission in Part Two.  The Eleka Guard will join aid missions, and that's largely because there is genuine joy that comes from helping people, which gives necessary breaks in their experiences with evil.  As we see also, the other Eleverians do engage in combat when necessary, which we see a few times through the story.  

So, who would you be?  Would you be one to Eleka Guard and combat evil?  Or would you bring the help Seaga desperately needs?

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