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Samantha Hurrle

The Mark

The Mark

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Karueq wages war against the Eleverians on the edge of history. He commands the forces of darkness against their armies of light. It is a war to win souls, define freedom, and give that freedom to the world. But this war is at a stalemate. The elusive Elequiri, commander of the Eleverians, matches Karueq's cunning and scheming, making it impossible to shift the balance. The powers of darkness can move no more hearts than those of the light can recapture. 

          Karueq must use every asset he has, even those he'd rather not deploy, and spin every scheme he can concoct to break the Eleverians and destroy their morale. But he's missing something, something beyond even the mysteries surrounding the Elequiri. Everywhere he turns, the Eleverians challenge him to know them better and pay attention. His choices are not as simple as he would hope, and his daring plans always end the same. The deeper he looks, the less he knows. The more he questions, the more he loses his understanding. Ultimately, he must risk everything, and in doing so discover the truth of all he's ever known. 

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